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The best article to start with is Personal Finance in Less Than 10 Words which breaks down the essence of my personal finance philosophy.

To go deeper, you can read the main articles for each of the three “pillars”:

From there, here are a few other articles that you might enjoy:

Spend Less

The Math Behind Why Cooking is So Much Cheaper Than Eating Out: In this post, I run the numbers from the “top down,” and from the “bottom up.”

Quick Wins the Simple Way: The Fast Path to Frugality: A detailed overview of a strategy that has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars in a weekend.

Earn More

The Math Behind Making $100,000 a Year. Three strategies for making $100k. Most people never run the numbers.

Have You Ever Actually Mastered the Basics of Making Money? No one ever taught me the fundamentals. This is my way of righting that wrong.


The 4% Rule: How Much Money Do You Need to Never Work Again? This is a foundational question.

The Tyranny of Compounding Costs. Repeat after me: Costs matter in investing.

What Happens If You Invest Just Before a Stock Market Crash? Market crashes are inevitable, but are they something to worry about for long-term investors?

Destroy Debt

The Debt Trap: How Smart People Get Snared. This post is a good example of what I try to do on this site: Break down the numbers and the psychology.

Book Reviews

Find a good personal finance book to read by checking out some of my book reviews

Here’s my review of Your Money or Your Life, one of the books my mom gave me when I told her I wanted to learn about money.

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